3 Types of Videos to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

by | Jan 14, 2015

Sales cycles can be long and tedious. Depending on what you are selling and a client’s  investment, the cycle can be anything from minutes to weeks to months to years. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, video can help speed up — or at least simplify — the process. Here are three kinds of videos that can help accelerate the sales cycle.

1. Who you are

People buy from people they trust. I don’t know about you, but I am incredibly skeptical of the people who call me and want me to buy something. Why? I have no idea who they are. I want to know they are a “real” person and they aren’t just trying to scam me. If you’ve never had that feeling, please feel free to leave me your phone number, and I will give it to the next marketer that calls us.

Having a video on your website and that you can send via email to potential clients that explains your business and who you are, can go a long way in helping you establish yourself and your business as reputable and trustworthy. Don’t underestimate the power of potential clients seeing a face and hearing a voice.

2.  Your process

Depending on what you are selling, this video can look very different for each of you. If you are a marketing and web developer, this video might be about how you get to know your clients and the process you go through to help create their marketing materials and website. If you are selling SaaS, the video might address how you onboard each new client and how your customer service works to make sure the software is working for them. If you sell houses, you could make a video about the process you go through to ensure you are getting the best home for your clients. Everyone’s process is different, but the principle is the same — share how you do what you do to create the most value for your customers.

3.  The testimonial

The tried and true testimonial video. It’s one thing for you to say something about yourself and your business, it’s another thing entirely when someone else says it for you. The testimonial video is social proof that is always available to you.  It is one thing to say you have served a client. It’s another thing entirely to say you have helped a client and they have come back to you again and again and are willing to share their experience. That speaks volumes.

Whether you choose to use just one or all of these types of videos, you can be sure that providing this information through video will help your potential client in making their decision. And hopefully, it will bring them closer to choosing you — and at a faster pace than would have occurred otherwise.