Marketing with video is important

If you’ve read any articles on marketing recently, you know that video can have an impact, whether it’s in your email marketing, on Facebook or Instagram, or on your website. While the idea of using videos in your marketing sounds great, we know that creating those videos can be a challenge. There are a lot of steps that go into creating this content — choosing relevant topics, writing a good script, finding a location to shoot, and setting up the equipment to make it all happen. It can seem like a lot, but we know that having video content is a key part of marketing today. So, we took a step to make the process of creating these videos for ourselves and other businesses a little easier. We are excited to announce the opening of our office and production studio! It’s a space where anyone can come, and we can quickly and easily shoot videos (we’ll be using it plenty for ourselves as well!).

I’m sure you’ve seen enough videos to know there is quite a variety out there and that a studio is not the best setting for all of them. So, what types of videos work in a studio? Read on, and we’ll discuss several kinds of videos that are great for studio shooting. Depending on your business, one or several of these may make sense for you. And while this list is certainly not exhaustive, it’s a good start as you think about what kinds of videos would work as part of your overall marketing strategy.


Internal Communication Videos

Shooting in a studio is great for internal communication pieces, including training and update/announcement videos. Typically, it makes sense for these videos to be teleprompted, as they are usually rather lengthy. It is also very important to make sure that the information in these videos is complete, accurate, and expressed appropriately — all making a case for teleprompter use. So, why shoot these on a video instead of just handling it live? Videos ensure consistency with messaging. Everyone is hearing/seeing/learning exactly the same thing. And using a script allows multiple people to weigh in on content to get it just right. In addition, the best person to deliver the message can deliver the message to everyone. But instead of that person handling repeated training sessions or traveling from office to office to give a company-wide update, they record once and let the video work for them. Video can put your entire organization on the same page quickly and easily.


Blog Videos

Studio shooting is perfect for blog videos. Here, you’re creating content that your target audience will be interested in and will place you top of mind — think tips and tricks, product reviews or demonstrations, updates or insights for your industry, etc. People are watching more and more video online, with most preferring watching a video over reading text. So, if you want more people to engage with the content you are putting out, video is a great way to go. You’ll likely want to shoot several of these videos to use on your blog over the course of a few months or even a year. And shooting these videos in a studio removes the road blocks of memorizing scripts (teleprompter!), finding shoot locations, and setting up gear. It gives you a controlled environment to obtain excellent footage and allows you to capture content for a number of videos in just one day.

Wistia, a video hosting company, uses video on their blog all the time. They discuss topics that appeal to their target audience, often offering tips on shooting videos or utilizing specific features of their product. Check out this example.


E-newsletter Videos

E-newsletters go out to people who are already interested, at some level, in what you’re doing. But we all know how easy it is to just delete an email, especially if we’re particularly busy at the moment and nothing initially catches our eye. But did you also know that including a video in your newsletter substantially increases the chance that people will click through and actually take some time to hear from you? Much like blog videos, shooting e-news videos in a studio just makes sense. It makes it easy to get in front of the camera, shoot a whole series of videos, and come away with content that reflects the quality of your brand.

For an example, check out this video that we shot for ourselves and included in an e-newsletter.


Product Videos

If you sell a product, consider using videos to actually show them in action. It can be helpful to see how a product functions or to see someone interact with it. People report that viewing videos for a product can be key to their decision-making process and many companies see an increase in sales after implementing a video strategy. Unless your product is dependent on functioning in a specific environment, shooting in a studio is definitely the way to go. As with the blog and e-news videos, a studio setup allows you to get through a good amount of videos in a few hours. It also helps to give consistency to your store and places the focus solely on the product, rather than on what might be going on the background.


Frequently Asked Questions Videos

Addressing frequently asked questions on your website is a great idea. An even better idea is using video to do so. We already know that video is more engaging than text alone, and it also provides an avenue for people to get to know a face (or faces) of your organization. Seeing a person and hearing them provide answers helps your audience begin to trust you and makes them more comfortable starting the process of doing business with you. Again, studio shooting is ideal in this scenario as it offers consistency, the ability to shoot multiple videos in one day, and provides the accuracy that comes with a script and teleprompter.

The video below comes from Joybird, a custom furniture company. They use video all over their site in a variety of ways and one of those is addressing questions their customers might have about the whole buying experience, discussing anything from choosing fabrics to delivery. Check out this video.


Just a sample

As noted, the list above is certainly not exhaustive — for example story-driven, interview videos can be shot in a studio as well in some cases. The examples we discussed above are just some of the more common uses for studio shooting. If you can see a place for some of these (or other) videos in your marketing strategy, we’d love to help — simply fill out the contact for below and we’ll be in touch. We’ve already put our studio to good use for ourselves and our clients and are excited to continue to produce great video marketing content.