The Content Challenge

Creating consistent content is challenging — trust us, we know. We also know, however, that producing and sharing consistently helps us stay top of mind and engages our current clients and potential clients. One thing that has definitely helped us is creating multiple pieces at the same time. We set aside an afternoon, put our heads down, and create the content that is going to last us for several months. With the package we’re offering, you also have the opportunity to create multiple videos at once that can serve the exact purpose we just spoke about.

Professional Video

This isn’t an iPhone or webcam video. This is a video shot with a professional camera, lighting, audio, and teleprompter, and incorporates text, logos, and photos, We are helping you put your best foot forward. Having professional video ensures your audience actually hears your message and isn’t distracted by all the things that can go wrong when you shoot the video yourself. So, check out the video marketing package we put together just for you.

Video Marketing Package

4 x 90-second videos


Studio space
Camera package
Lighting kit
Audio kit


– Color-correction
– Royalty Free Music
Lower Thirds
Closed Captions File
Logo Bumper
Up to 8 photo/text inserts

+ Our guide for script-writing for video


Exclusive GGCC Pricing – $1800

Ways to Use Video

Maybe you know you need to be marketing with video but aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe you’re looking for some fresh ideas to add to your current video strategy. Here are a few ideas that have been used successfully by some of our clients, ourselves, and other businesses.

1.  Email Newsletter – If you’ve made it this far, you are living proof that video in email works. Use the videos to further educate your clients or leads.

2.  Facebook/Blog – Video on Facebook is the way to go these days. The statistics continue to prove that the best way to get your audience’s attention on social media is video, plain and simple. A video that provides value and engages your audience is exponentially more likely to get shared and seen.

3.  Staff Introductions – You don’t even have to write scripts for this! Just make a list of simple questions to ask each employee and make a video of each of them to put on your website. This tactic is incredibly useful if your staff is interacting digitally.

4.  Training – This is mostly geared toward internal communications. Using short videos for training or onboarding new employees is a great way to ensure everyone is hearing the same message all the time.

5. Tips or How-Tos – Giving people tips or insight into a topic that has to do with your industry can be a great way to connect. This provides value to them and helps them think of you when they need something beyond the bit of advice you gave.

6.  News and Updates – These types of videos are a great way to keep your clients informed. A new product or service, changes in leadership, a new facility, and awards or milestones are all things that convey excitement and progress within your organization — something everybody wants to be a part of.

These are just a few ways we think that business can use quick short videos to drive engagement. If this is something you would be interested in exploring, simply fill out the form below. We won’t put you on a spam email but will reach out to talk more and see if these types of videos might be a great fit for you.

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