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The Marketing and Engagement podcast is all about exploring different tactics for marketing and also strategies and techniques to create lasting engagement with donors and customers. Ryan and Lauren Sarver are owners of 2355 Productions and have been producing videos for over a decade, working with publicly- traded companies and large universities, as well as small businesses and non-profits. As hosts, they discuss what they’ve learned through years of helping clients create videos and engage their audience, along with talking with other marketers and leaders about tools and techniques they use to do the same.

Meet the Hosts

Ryan Sarver

Ryan has been producing videos for 10 years. He started created them while working for a church in the Indianapolis area. Ryan loves the process of helping organizations find their voice and “move the needle.”

Lauren Sarver

Lauren has been producing and editing video for around 8 years. She enjoys the process of taking raw footage and molding and shaping it into an engaging story.


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