4 ways non-profits can leverage their video after their annual event

by | Jul 27, 2015

Making the most of your video

If you are a non-profit, you probably have an annual fundraising event and many of you also have a video that you show at the event. I am assuming, of course, but for a lot of organizations, this is pretty standard procedure — you gather your current supporters and some potential new supporters, share what you have been doing, maybe auction off a few items, and ask for their continued or new support. We have attended a lot of these events over the years and one thing we sadly see is that the great videos that are shown at these events often times don’t get much attention after the event — which we believe is a giant mistake. As we have said many times, your videos are assets. They shouldn’t be just used once and then figuratively put on the shelf. You took time and money to make the video, so make the most of it! With a little bit of planning, your video can serve in a lot of different roles. Here are 4 ways to do that.

1. The Follow-Up Email

When your event is over, follow up in the next day or two by sending out an email. This can accomplish a few things. First, there are probably some people that need more time to think about donating. The follow up email lets them sleep on it, but doesn’t let them forget about it. Next, this will allow you to touch base with people who weren’t able to attend the event. It keeps them in the loop, and can also prompt further giving or involvement from them. And finally, sending this video provides people with something they can share with others, expanding your circle of influence.

2. Donor Engagement

The video you used at your event can often be an excellent piece to send out to potential donors. It is easy to send along, they can watch it on their own time, and it can be just the thing to engage them and start that communication. Your video can be the foot in the door you need to start the conversation.

3. Website and Social Media

It may seem simple, but don’t forget about putting your video on the web. Put it on your website, in a blog post, and share it on your facebook page. It is a marketing tool for you. Make sure people can find it and can share it.

4. Presentations

You can use your event video throughout the year at other presentations and events. There may be some people viewing it multiple times, but that’s ok. It’s simply an opportunity for you to reinforce your message and you are hopefully coming into contact with many new people to share your video with.

Hopefully this has been helpful. If you are still in the early planning stages for your event video, check in with our blog soon as we will be kicking off a series to discuss specific kinds of videos for non-profit fundraising.