June 17, 2020

Adapting Strategies to Continue Mission

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Adapting Strategies to Continue Mission

Show Notes

Episode 02

Meet our guest: Kevin Carr

Kevin earned his MBA in Strategic Leadership and has had several years of experience in corporate communications.He has also spent the last few years consulting in the areas of strategic planning, business coaching, communications, and project management. After serving as a board member at Sheltering Wings, he has been working as the Development and Communications Officer for nearly a year.

Sheltering Wings serves survivors of domestic abuse. Their mission is to help survivors and their children build stable and independent lives by providing emergency housing and a variety of life skills training. They also dedicate their efforts to prevention education in the community, working with other organizations to raise awareness and try to prevent abuse before it even begins. They have a 24/7 helpline at 317-745-1496 and you can follow them at @ShelteringWings on Facebook and Instagram


Continued Communication

Kevin discusses some of the challenges of those experiencing domestic abuse during COVID, often being quarantined with their abuser with no respite. Sheltering Wings has dialed up the intensity of their communications during this time, making sure social media posts are “bite-sized snippets” that people are able to consume quickly in those situations. Their mission is important, and they are making sure they are communicating their message to those who need it.


Virtual Tactics

  • Sheltering Wings sent out a COVID-19 response video from their Executive Director to their email database. This was a change from their typically text-reliant emails and the response was great. This is something they will definitely try to do more of in the future.
  • They have been using Zoom to record staff addressing a variety of topics that are pertinent to their audiences. This has put their expertise and passion in front of people on social media. According to their analytics, their engagement has been great! 
  • They have a wealth of knowledge and training materials that aren’t doing any good if they aren’t in front of people. The plan is to use social media and their website to share those things on a regular basis and engage with people.
  • Eventbrite has been great for them to use as well. It has expanded their reach beyond the local community. When they have in-person events in the future, virtual options or contingencies will be planned as well.

Relying on Parnerships

Partnerships with other organizations are so important to accomplishing the mission of Sheltering Wings. One example is a partnership with Susie’s Place and the Plainfield School District. The district is providing lunches throughout this time for a number of students, and Sheltering Wings has designed posters for their lunch delivery vehicles to provide continued education and information for those that are picking up meals. This is another way to educate the community, provide support, and encourage everyone to look out for each other.

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