December 31, 2020

Video Strategies for 2021

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Video Strategies for 2021

Show Notes

Episode 10

In this episode, we take a look back at the some of the videos we produced in 2020. Many of our clients made some adjustments or produced different kinds of videos due to the ramifications of COVID-19, and there are some types of videos we produce each year regardless. We’re looking at some particular types of videos and video planning approaches that you can use in your organization in 2021 as we continue to deal with COVID and hopefully get back to “normal” sooner rather than later. 

Annual Video Marketing Strategy

We worked with one of our clients over the course of a few meetings to outline a video marketing strategy for 2021. It is an anniversary year for their business and they wanted to celebrate their longevity within the community and also do some general marketing. Our planning meeting helped them hone in on some general branding and the way they communicate both internally and externally. In addition to impacting their communications, it also helped us to identify what they wanted to accomplish and what kind of videos they needed. They will be able to get some marketing momentum in 2021 through releasing a series of videos, rather just focusing on isolated projects.

2021 Take-away: Developing an annual video strategy is a great way to stay focused on your marketing throughout the year. Getting a large amount of your planning done on the front-end, frees you up as the year progresses and things typically get busier. This also ensures that your videos can be prioritized, released at the optimal time, and can build upon one another as part of a comprehensive approach.


Informational and marketing video package

Some of our clients go through a recruiting process and much of it is usually done in-person. Since that wasn’t possible this past year, they put together a package with both informational and marketing videos, answering questions and giving a feel for the environment, culture, and offerings. This was actually a project they had been wanting to do for awhile, and 2020 forced their hand. This project turned out really well, with videos able to answer some of their most-asked questions, pique interest, and provide more in-depth content as well.

2021 Take-away: Even when traveling and in-person visits can take place, this kind of video package is still useful for people to easily find answers to their questions and get a feel for the organization without utilizing staff resources. When people have easy access to information and engaging content up-front, the in-person interactions are more qualified and fruitful. Putting together a video package like this is a great approach to bring people toward making a decision for anything from recruiting to sales to donations.


Live Stream, of Course

You can’t talk about video in 2020 without talking about live stream. Even through the digital fatigue (discussed more in depth in Episode 3 and Episode 9), I think we can all agree that live stream has been a life-saver in many situations. And while it has its challenges (again, see Episode 9), everyone we’ve talked to has said they will continue to have a live stream component to their events (or meetings, services, etc.) even when we are cleared to meet in-person again. Our clients found that their reach was expanded to people who weren’t regular event attenders since distance, time, and finance was no longer a factor. Many more people can view and participate in these events than ever before.
2021 Takeaway: Consider continuing or adding a live stream component to your event next year. Not only did it allow our clients to keep things moving forward, their expanded reach was also a benefit. While there was a learning curve with using live-stream as a presentation medium, it has forced people to be even more organized, targeted, and engaging in their content. The combination of the expanded reach of live streaming, honing of presentation content, and the benefits of a live event will be exciting to see in 2021.


Grant or Award Recipient Videos

We have a couple of clients who give out grants and awards every year. In the past, we have produced a video for each recipient, which were shown as part of an event. This year, the videos were sent via email and were put together as one longer video. Even though the event wasn’t possible, our clients still wanted to produce these videos because they align with the values of their organizations. These are organizations who value progress and highlighting innovative work that is being done. The videos allowed them to continue to celebrate successes and accomplishments even in the midst of a pandemic. 
2021 Take-away: In 2021 and every year, keep moving forward. Celebrate successes and accomplishments. Produce videos that aligned with and communicate your values as an organization.


Donor Engagement Videos

This year, we have seen organizations communicate with their donors in a different way. Many times, it’s been a way to compensate for the lack of in-person events and communications. Additionally, many organizations have expressed appreciation for their donors more than ever before, as it has been a difficult year in so many ways. One organization we work with has always excelled at donor engagement and appreciation and really got creative this year with their communication. When one of their annual events was canceled, they sent a music video to all of their donors highlighting some of the recipients of their philanthropy. The purpose of the video was simply to say thank you and to bring a smile to their faces. It was a fun project and was really well-received.
2021 Take-away: When you engage your donors, don’t forget to simply say thank you and make them feel appreciated. It goes a long way when not every communication is an ask for funds. Communicate what their generosity has allowed you to do and say thank you in a creative and fun way. For more thoughts on donor appreciation, check out episode 3.


Story Videos

Probably our favorite kind of video to do is a story video — a video showing how an organization’s work is impacting someone. One client we worked with this year was The Wesleyan Church. We talk more about their culture of storytelling in Episode 5. This particular story was about a man who was hospitalized with COVID-19 and made an incredible recovery (watch the video here). Telling stories can really impact and engage your audience.
2021 Take-away: Every year is a great year to tell your stories! Never stop doing it. And video is a wonderful medium to really engage people and connect them to the work that you’re doing. 

We hope you can come away from this podcast with a few ideas about how to use video in the new year. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you with your video strategy for 2021. Happy New Year! 

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