From Idea to Implementation

Our Process

There’s more to a great video than how it looks or how it sounds — it’s about the story and all that goes into to telling it effectively. Since we began in 2007, we have worked with our clients to tell compelling stories that deliver their message and move them forward. And this keeps them coming back time and time again. With each video, we want to engage people, build their trust and inspire them to take action. Our process is what enables us to make that happen. The end result is a video that reflects who you are and moves your audience.


First things first — we have to get to know you. We’ll ask questions and learn who you are as an organization and what your goals are for your project. We’ll help you identify the specific message you want to communicate and what kind of video will most effectively reach your audience.


Once we understand who you are and what you’re about, we set out to develop the plan for your video. This involves scouting locations, communicating with everyone participating, and crafting the structure of the video. We’ll come in with a plan to make sure you truly get a video that meets your needs.


This is where the listening and planning all come together. We’ll come in with the crew and equipment needed to capture your story and create your video.   Once we get the footage we need, we take it — along with the plan we put together in the “develop” stage — and start creating your video. This is a collaborative process and you can give feedback at several points along the way. Once we get all the footage and the story in place, we’ll do a final pass of color correction and audio work to make your video look and sound its best.


Once we prepare the final version of your video, we’ll deliver a HD digital video. By working through our Listening, Planning and Production Process phases, we can deliver a video that engages, builds trust, and inspires. However, any video can only serve its purpose if it’s seen. So, we can help you choose the right video host for your videos and also make recommendations on how to promote them to get the most out of your video.