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that communicates clearly, connects to people, and gets people to respond.

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IU School of Medicine


Jones & Sons


Aspire Economic Development

Employee Recruitment

Indiana University Department of Regenerative Medicine

The Experience

2355 Productions has the incredible ability to listen to our vision and then refine it into a clear and concise message for maximum impact with our audience. They took our rough ideas and developed them into a cohesive story that far exceeded our expectations. 


Ways we can partner -

What combination of services do you need?

Video Strategy

You need a plan to effectively implement video into your marketing. A video strategy can help ensure you are getting the most out of your video assets.

Story Development

Your message is important for others to hear. Story development makes sure your message is front and center and told in the most engaging way.

Video Production

You're an expert and your marketing material should reflect that. Professional gear combined with years of experience help you stand out.

Video Editing

You need a 30-second, 60-second, and 3-minute cut of a video? Not a problem. Your message can be clearly delivered, quickly, and with care.

Descriptive Transcripts

Your audience is wide and diverse, and you want to ensure no one is left out. Descriptive transcripts make sure everyone can enjoy your video.

Drone Services

Need to show the full scope of what you do? A change in perspective is sometimes needed. Licensed drone services can make that happen.

Video Ideas and Strategies


Using Closed Captions to Increase Engagement

Closed Captions are a necessity if you are going to get the most of your videos. We talk about the process of creating closed captions files and implementing them on your videos.

5 Common Video Pitfalls and How to Fix Them!

Learn to identify the top 5 problems most organizations encounter when making a video and, most importantly, how to fix them!