Video to communicate, engage donors, and further your mission

Part of changing the world with a non-profit is engaging donors and volunteers. Donors and volunteers want to know and see how the dollars and time they are giving are making an impact.

Communicating through video helps draw out the emotional impact of the work you are doing and helps people see how they can be a part of it.

Moving to the next level of impact can often require a capital campaign. By using video, you can show the work you’ve done and convey the vision for the future. 

Impact stories are all about social proof. It’s one thing for an employee or director to talk about the difference your organization is making. It’s something else entirely when those you have helped can be your ambassadors.

Healthy organizations are always bringing in new partners and donors. A mission video can help make that process simpler by sharing what you do in a repeatable and engaging way.

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