About You

You want to create engaging, high-value content for your customers, partners, or coworkers.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a business owner, marketer, fundraiser, recruiter, or trainer. Creating videos is one of the many things you’re doing to help your team communicate clearly, connect with people, and prompt them to respond in some way. Maybe you’ve used video services in the past, or maybe it’s your first time going beyond the iPhone — in either case, you know the importance and value that video can have in your overall strategy.

Like many of those we have partnered with, you feel confident about your work and mission but:

– wear many hats and want a trusted partner to handle the video creation process.
– need help crafting that mission into a motivating, concise, message.
– need help developing a script.
– have never created video and feel overwhelmed.
– have created a video in the past that fell flat.
– have a complex story to tell and don’t know where to begin.
– need a team who is a focused more on your story than they are on their equipment.

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