Fundraising and Engagement Videos

non-profits, higher education, & healthcare

videos should

engage people, build trust, & inspire action.

Our process ensures yours do.

Identify your message

What do you want to communicate? Who is your audience, what connects with them, and what will make them act?  We help you identify these core elements to create an engaging story.


With a clear vision of the message we need to deliver, we work with you to find the right people and images to tell the story. A clear plan ensures effective communication.


This is where it all comes together.
We bring our equipment, team, and expertise to create a video that will help you engage people, build trust, and inspire action.

Ryan and Lauren have the incredible ability to listen to our vision and then refine it into a clear and concise message for maximum impact with our audience. They took our rough ideas and developed them into a cohesive story that far exceeded our expectations. 

Kimberly Watts

Director of Development – Center for Global IMpact



Getting started is easy

1. Contact Us

Fill out the contact form and tell us a little bit about your project.


2. Discovery Call

We’ll schedule a brief phone call to discuss your project more in-depth


3. Proposal Review

We’ll put together a proposal for you and schedule a call to walk you through it.


4. Begin Project

Now, it’s time to get started on your project.


Creating a great video is so much more than just making pretty pictures. It’s about crafting a story that your viewers can see themselves in, a story that moves them to want to take action — contacting you, working with you, or donating. If you can make a real connection with your audience, all of these actions become so much easier.

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To Share Your Mission & Make a DifferencE

Let us help you develop a video that has a clear message that can be used at events, on websites, and for social media — anywhere you want to connect.