Maximizing Employee Training Efficiency: 4 Advantages of Producing Corporate Training Videos

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Are traditional training methods still working?

We all know that employee training is crucial for the success of any company. With the increasing popularity of using videos for employee training, it’s clear that many organizations are seeing the benefits. In fact, we have worked with numerous clients to produce training videos, and we’ve seen firsthand how effective they can be. For example, we produced a series of training videos with an Operations Manager at one company, who later utilized the same approach at another company he joined. He saw the benefits of incorporating video into the training process and wanted to bring those same benefits to his new role. Could training videos work for you? In this post, we’ll discuss 4 reasons why companies should produce videos to train their employees instead of sticking with a traditional training method.


1. Training videos are cost-effective.

Producing videos for employee training can be cost-effective in the long run. While there are  upfront costs associated with producing high-quality videos, they can be used repeatedly without any additional costs. This makes it a cost-effective solution in the long term compared to traditional training methods, such as hiring trainers or conducting in-person training sessions. In-person sessions often involve travel, either for the employees or the trainer. As travel expenses continue to rise, there is certainly a cost savings in allowing people to stay at their location.


2. Training videos are consistent.

Producing training videos ensures that all employees receive consistent training, regardless of location or time. It eliminates discrepancies in training delivery across different teams or locations, making it easier for companies to maintain the same standards and quality of work. Consistent training also helps to reduce errors and improve the overall quality of work. This is particularly important for companies with multiple sites or teams, where it can be challenging to ensure that everyone receives the same training.


3. Training videos are easily accessed.

Video training content can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. It is particularly beneficial for remote workers who cannot attend in-person training sessions due to geographical constraints. Furthermore, employees can watch videos on their own devices, at their own pace, and revisit them as needed, leading to increased retention of information.


4. Training videos increase productivity.

Producing videos for employee training not only benefits the trainees but also the trainers themselves. If you utilize company employees as trainers, this is an important advantage, as they often have other responsibilities and roles. Unlike in-person training sessions, where trainers have to deliver the same content multiple times, producing videos allows them to deliver their training content once and use it for all employees. Moreover, videos can also reach a larger audience at once — location and availabilty are no longer factors. This means trainers can spend less time delivering training sessions and more time on other significant tasks, leading to increased productivity.


The Wrap-up

Producing employee training videos is a cost-effective, easily accessible, and consistent solution that can improve the productivity and quality of work for an organization. With the many advantages of video training, it’s clear that it’s a worthwhile investment for companies looking to enhance their training programs and improve the overall success of their organization. So what are you waiting for? Give video training a shot and see the benefits for yourself.

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