Video Marketing Tips, Behind the Scenes, & What’s New

Have you ever posted something to social media or your blog that you were really excited about, but it just didn’t go anywhere? There are a lot of factors that can play into that…the title, the photo, the tagline, etc.
The clock never stops ticking, and here we are in 2017. We've been in the video-making business for close to a decade now, and the world of marketing has definitely changed. Video has gone from being a luxury item for
If you are a non-profit, you probably have an annual fundraising event and many of you also have a video that you show at the event. I am assuming, of course, but for a lot of organizations, this is pretty
Our eyes and brains are very sophisticated. They adjust to all different lighting situations in ways that we don't even notice. Video and photo cameras, while advanced, don't hold a candle to our eyes, and if we don't...
One of the often overlooked aspects of video production, in our opinion, is the color of the video. A lot of times when we are watching movies or TV shows we often don't pay attention a whole lot to the
Sales cycles can be long and tedious. Depending on what you are selling and a client's investment, the cycle can be anything from minutes to weeks to months to years. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, video can
There are a few types of videos that we would recommend for almost any organization, and testimonial videos make the cut. We've done several testimonial videos ourselves and have found...
We recently got the FreeFly Systems Movi M5. (Warning: geek speak) The Movi is a three axis brushless gimbal system. It allows a person to walk around with the camera while the footage...